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Geobag is Geotextile in the form of bags filled with sand. Geobag provide a secure and practical alternative to stone for protection of beaches, riverbanks, and above water flood channels subject to erosive scour.

Geobag are cost effective alternative to stone when stone is unavailable. Easy to install, these bags can be colored to blend with environment. Geobags are made with woven, PP or PET non-woven or composite materials.

Combining the proven filtration capability and robustness of Geotextiles, and utilizing readily available soil fill, Geobag form a flexible structure able to withstand the erosive power of water in both marine and river hydraulic applications.

The most common application for Geobag

  • Riverbank Protection
  • Containing Dredged Material
  • Temporary Jetty
  • Groyne
  • Break Water
  • etc